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18 Items


Shop Comfortable Sleeping Mats in Australia

At Aussie Disposals, we can provide sleeping mats on which you can sleep while hiking or camping. Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you have to rough it when it comes to sleeping! Our portable mattress products from leading brands such as Hi-Country and Bestway are comfortable and foldable for your convenience.

We stock deluxe sleeping mats in various sizes, including ¾, single, king single and queen size. Whether you want an insulated hikers mat made from hi- density foam, a self-inflating air mat which you can quickly roll up when needed, or a blow up and pump up airbed, we have no shortage of options for you to check out and choose from.


Can You Lay Sleeping Mats Directly on the Ground?

It isn’t advisable to place sleeping mats directly on the ground. We recommend having a waterproof material underneath to help retain warmth and prevent moisture from soaking the mat.


Are Sleeping Mats Warm Enough?

With a sufficiently insulated sleeping bag, a camping mattress can help you stay warm throughout the night and stop you from waking up chilled.


Can a Heavy Person Use Sleeping Mats?

The weight capacity of sleeping mats varies from model to model. Options are available for people who need greater weight ratings.


Can You Put Them Inside a Sleeping Bag?

No, in most cases you can’t. Sleeping mats are designed to go underneath a sleeping bag as a barrier between the bag and the ground.


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If you’re struggling to get a camping mattress that’s right for you, look no further than Aussie Disposals. Our shop stocks the best sleeping mats for sale in Australia. We make it easy to browse, view and buy products either online or in-store, with particular emphasis on bulk order requests. Navigate our intuitive check out system or contact us and enquire today for helpful advice.