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Fishing Rigs in Australia

Fishing rigs refer to an arrangement of tackle including one or more lines, hooks, lures, sinkers and swivels. These rigs help you to get started and catch fish quickly, reducing the amount of time you need to spend getting things set up and into position. At Aussie Disposals, we offer specialised fishing and hunting rigs that are designed for catching single types of fish, but can work well for other species as well.

Rigged and Ready to Fish!

We’ve got no shortage of lure fishing rigs that are already put together. This includes flathead/bream rigs, circle hook snapper rigs, river rigs and more that come with helpful instructions and hints so you can get started quickly. We also offer surf popper rigs and squid rigs that are ready to fish.

We source our fishing line rigs and fishing bait rigs from highly regarded brands such as Gillies and Neptune Tackle. Keep in mind that some rigs are designed to float near the surface of the water while others sink to the bottom, so make sure you know what type of fish you’re catching and choose accordingly. We can help you determine the best rig if you’re unsure.

Buy Fishing Rigs Today

You’ll find the best quality fishing rigs in Australia when you shop at Aussie Disposals. If you have any sales enquiries or you need expert advice, we’re just a phone call or a message away. Get in touch with us or shop online or in-store today.