Snow Gear

New Ski Clothing Range arriving in stores early June 2019

Affordable Snow Gear - Women’s & Men’s Ski Jackets, Pants and Gloves

Aussie Disposals now stocks a huge range of men’s and women’s ski jackets and snowboard jackets. Whether you are in need of something for a beginner or advanced rider, we have a great range that can suit a novice to an expert. Snow jackets need to be both waterproof and breathable with padding and wind proof qualities. All men and women ski and snowboarding jackets sold at Aussie Disposals have a waterproof and breathability rating, so you can best find the perfect one that suits your needs.

If you are planning on purchasing a snowboarding jacket you should look for a high waterproof rating and breathability rating as you will be doing physical exercise while snowboarding. Ski jackets on the other hand generally need high waterproof and breathability ratings also but can be a little shorter in length as you do not need to sit on the ground like snowboarders do. Also if you need a snow jacket to take travelling, we also have options suitable for overseas snow trips with extreme waterproof ratings.

Providing everything you need to stay warm in the snow

Ski pants are typically skinnier snow pants than snowboard pants as skiers do not need as much movement around the knee area. Snowboard pants on the other hand are loose fitting around the knees allowing increased movement especially when taking off at the top of the ski run. Both ski pants and snowboard pants have different waterproof and breathability rating that need to be considered by the user. For example: A beginner snowboarder may need a higher level of waterproofing as they spend many lessons on the snow on their backsides. Ski pants and snowboard pants for overseas trips may require higher levels of waterproof rating also.

Discuss our ski and snowboarding gear further

It is important to note that any snow jacket or pant purchased you should also speak with an Aussie Disposals staff member to discuss layering and making sure that you will stay dry and warm in whatever climate you need your snow jacket in.

By following a few simple steps, layering can be the difference between a good and very bad day at the snow. Aussie Disposals also sell a large range of skiing and snowboarding gear like gloves, beanies, goggles, walking boots, socks, balaclavas and toboggans.

Download our ski trip checklist here.