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Ice Boxes in Australia

If you’re looking for reliable ice boxes in Australia that can keep food fresh and drinks cold, the team at Aussie Disposals can provide a solution that’s ideal for a range of outdoor activities such as family picnics, beach days and camping trips. We have multiple sizes and capacities available to suit your needs, ranging from compact 20 litre boxes through to large 70 litre ice boxes. Whether you’re going to the beach, planning a family picnic or embarking on a camping trip, our ice boxes are an excellent choice.


Evakool IceKool Ice Boxes

We proudly stock EvaKool ice box camping products. These combine quality, performance, durability and value for money, making them perfect for people with wildly divergent lifestyles and requirements. Whether you opt for the EvaKool IceKool poly icebox 25L or something larger, you can expect them to:

  • Hold ice for up to 10 days thanks to superior insulation
  • Withstand Australian conditions, including harsh sunlight
  • Have low heat absorption thanks to their light colour
  • Be hygienic and easy to clean

In addition, these ice box camping goods boast a tough polyethylene cabinet which can be used as a seat. They also feature easy to use latches and handles which can serve as tie down points. Our IceKool ice boxes from EvaKool additionally come with a 5 year Supplier Warranty for your peace of mind.


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