Genuine Surplus

Genuine Military & Army Surplus

Aussie Disposals are the largest importers of genuine military surplus in Australia. Our buyers travel throughout Europe and America searching warehouses, sheds and fields for genuine military gear.

As you can imagine true surplus is becoming harder and harder to find. The quality that dedicated military surplus buyers want is increasingly hard to come by because of a number of reasons, but you can count on Aussie Disposals to provide gear that cements our reputation as the leading army surplus store in the country.

Why is authentic military surplus so hard to find?

Several factors have contributed to the scarcity including:

  1. Bans on selling current issue uniforms by some countries.
  2. Reduction in countries engaging in national service.
  3. Eastern Europe becoming a big purchaser of surplus.
  4. Government reducing the size of their armies due to technological advances or spending cut backs.

Regardless of the changing climate, Aussie Disposals are committed to sourcing army surplus. Our customers know and appreciate the quality, workmanship and value of the military surplus and we will continue to deliver.

From uniforms to equipment to accessories, we provide it all. Parade dress hats, canteens, greatcoats and more; we provide a range of authentic pieces all at extremely affordable prices. All sourced from reputable suppliers and built to last, our surplus range belongs in every wardrobe. Browse our store today and find a piece of history for your collection.

Everything you need for a hard day’s work or a weekend hiking

Do the hard things with ease thanks to Aussie Disposals. Our range of apparel, equipment and electronics help you make the most of Australia’s beautiful natural areas. Make going camping, doing a hard day’s work or just spending time with your kids a little bit more fulfilling. Stay safe, warm, dry and comfortable with help from Aussie Disposals.

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