Camping Lights and Lighting

The Aussie Disposals lighting is quite extensive and covers a wide range of uses. With loads of different styles of lighting to choose from you are sure to find a light to suit your needs whether is be for work, school camps or camping lighting there is sure to be a light to suit.

Camping lighting would have to be one of the most important items to take on camp from a hand held torch to a lantern, you need light to brighten up an area when it is dark.

With the introduction of LED (light emitted diode) we now have lighting that is not only bright and powerful, which is a must for any camping list, LED also does not use a lot of power unlike tradition globes, thus not draining the power source.

Camping lighting come in a range of different styles and pricing:

  1. Head lamps
  2. Tradition lanterns
  3. Hand held torches
  4. Strip lights
  5. Wind up and solar power lighting

Please check out our camping lighting online or visit one of our 39 stores and our friendly staff will assist you in making the correct purchase for your needs.

We are confident we have a camping lighting or general lighting to suit what ever you are after and also what ever budget, that’s why at Aussie Disposals we pride ourselves in offering “real value for money” every day.