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Are you heading away for a camping trip in your four-wheel drive? At Aussie Disposals, we proudly offer tough 4WD camping equipment built to specification to ensure it withstands the journey and conditions you encounter along the way. Our products are stringently tested to ensure they’re built to get you through the toughest conditions and the most challenging terrain.


About Our Range of 4x4 Camping Gear

Our range of 4x4 camping gear includes:

  • Awnings– Our awnings provide shade from the sun and elements, preventing sunburns and keeping you sheltered from the rain. We also offer awning walls that allow you to create an enclosed space that extends from your vehicle.
  • Rooftop Tents– We offer a range of tents in various shapes and sizes which can be erected on the rooftop of your vehicle. This elevates you off the ground away from moisture and critters, making your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Accessories– Our 4x4 camping accessories include standard and heavy duty poly tarps, tie down sets, shower tents, collapsible water cans, jerry cans, canoe drums, and more.

When packing your car or trailer full of 4x4 camping gear, you’ll need strong tie downs, straps or nets to secure your load. We have rated shackles used for towing and trailer nets to secure all your camping gear. Be certain to take a jerry can to store backup fuel or water, with options available in plastic and metal. To secure your tools and 4WD equipment, lock them away in one of our tradesman tool boxes. We also stock snatch em straps to help people who get bogged in their 4WD.


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At Aussie Disposals, you’ll find only the best 4WD and camping equipment for sale in Australia. Our shop allows you to browse and bulk order online or view and buy products in-store to suit your preference. Contact us today to enquire and get more useful information and helpful advice.