Get High-Quality & Affordable Fishing Gear in Australia

Whether you’re camping or going for a weekend adventure, few outdoor activities are more relaxing and rewarding than fishing. At Aussie Disposals, we love fishing just as much as we love the outdoors, which is why we proudly stock an impressive and accommodating range of high-quality yet affordable fishing gear in Australia, including fishing rods, fishing tackle boxes and much more.

Is there any feeling worse than having the fish at the end of your line break free just as you’re about to land it? Our detailed knowledge of Australia’s various aquatic ecosystems has allowed us to procure a line of fishing gear and supplies that are specifically designed to wrangle in the toughest of fish that populate these waters.

Fishing Rods Built For Performance

We want our customers to go fishing with confidence, which is why we carry only the best fishing rods at the best prices. All of our fishing rods conveniently separate into two shorter pieces for easy transportation and a lower likelihood of causing damage. In addition, they’re built with light weight, durable materials that have been tested time and time again to ensure they not only keep your load light, but give you the best chance of coming out on top in a friendly fishing competition.

Regardless of the rod you pick, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the high-quality reels that make it easy to adjust the drag and smoothly reel in the monster fish you’ve been after. Adding to the reeling experience are comfortable ergonomic grips so your hand doesn’t get tired no matter how long you’re fishing for.

Lastly, we understand that not everyone fishes the same waters, which is why we carry rods with different lengths and reel types so you can pick a setup that’s appropriate for your area. Some even come in fishing rod combos with additional pieces of tackle included, ensuring you’re all set to check out without hassle.

Find Rods for Any Kind of Fishing

Amphibian Fishing Rod Combo

This is a great choice for first time fishermen. The amphibian fishing rod combo is capable of being used in both fresh and saltwater so you don’t need to have a separate rod for each. These come as a complete set that’s already spooled with 8lb test!

Catch More Fish Combos

Our catch-more-fish fishing rod combos come with everything you need to start fishing right away. Complete with hooks, weights, lures and other tackle pieces, all you need to do is decide the kind of water you’ll be fishing and select the appropriate bundle.

Abu Garcia Muscle Tip

The Abu Garcia Muscle Tip models are rods that more experienced fishermen will really enjoy because of their superior design and versatility. Whether you’re upgrading from an old rod or simply adding to the collection, we’re confident you’ll feel the difference these rods make on your first cast.

Your One-Stop-Shop For Fishing Gear in Australia

At Aussie Disposals, we carry far more than just fishing rods. We have a wide selection of products so you can get geared up for fishing anywhere in Australia. Our range includes:

  • Fishing nets in Australia
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Fishing tackle in Australia
  • Tackle boxes/kits
  • Fish cooking equipment

We also allow you to shop for tools such as pliers, knives, rod racks, bite bells and more. We guarantee that you’ll always have what you need on hand.

Browse online or in-store to view and buy our products, or contact us to enquire about what we have for sale. Whether you want smokers or tackle boxes/kits, you can place a bulk order or get advice by calling us at your earliest convenience.