Hydration Station

Water Bottles & Insulated Flasks For Any Activity

Whether you’re on the job or hiking one of Australia’s many trails, staying hydrated never has to be a problem with our wide selection of water bottles and thermo flasks. Capable of storing everything from water and coffee to hot soup, we have 18 different varieties to ensure we can meet the diverse needs of our customers.

All of our water bottles and thermos flasks are specifically designed to withstand the rugged Australian outback so you can confidently take them with you anywhere. From our selection, you’ll notice products from top name brands such as LifeStraw, Hi-Country, Coleman, and even Caribee.


Continue reading to learn more about the various features our water bottles and thermos flasks come loaded with.

The Highest Quality at the Best Prices

For outdoor leisure activities and day to day life, we carry an accommodating range of high density polyethylene water bottles which are proudly BPA free. This clear yet durable material is perfect for water bottles because it’s sturdy enough to withstand your adventures while also remaining light weight. We also carry insulated polyethylene jugs which hold a larger amount of water and have even better durability for those that have higher hydration needs.

All of our thermos flasks are made from high quality stainless steel which is also BPA and the premium material used to make insulated bottles around the world. For customers looking to reduce the environmental impact of plastic, we also carry water bottles and flasks made entirely from stainless steel. No matter what your hydration needs are, all of our water bottles and thermos flasks are made with the highest quality materials.

Our Water Bottles

Water bottles are the perfect companion for a variety of activities ranging from the average day at work to a weekend adventure to your favorite camping spot. At Aussie Disposals, we carry multiple types of water bottles in all different sizes depending on where your travels take you. You’ll find it’s easy to express your personal sense of style while also taking care of all your hydration need. Browse through our plastic and stainless steel models now.

Our Thermos Flasks

When you need to keep your beverage cold or hot, nothing works better than a fully insulated thermos flask. Capable of keeping liquids at their desired temperature for multiple hours, thermos flasks are a must have for outdoor enthusiasts. We also carry wide mouth flasks that are perfect for soup if you find yourself in such a hurry that you can’t sit down to eat. With sizes from 1 litre all the way up to the large 1.9 litre jug, you can easily bring along as much or as little water as you need.


If your adventures are going to be taking you off the beaten path, LifeStraw products are designed to be your best companion. Thanks to the built-in microfiltration technology, if you find yourself running low on clean water, you can easily refill from a nearby lake or stream and let the LifeStraw turn it into completely safe drinking water. Smaller models can filter up to 1000 litres of water while the larger Mission LifeStraw is capable of filtering up to 18,000 litres, perfect for longterm expeditions.

Hydration Packs

Sometimes, it’s just easier to have your water strapped to your back rather than clipped to your hip. We proudly carry the extremely convenient line of Caribee hydration packs which can hold as much as 1.5L of drinking water. The handy and flexible straw means you can easily get access to your clean drinking water, hands free. This is the perfect companion for hikers and exercise enthusiasts that like pushing their body to the limit.

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