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Buy a Comfortable Single Swag

If you’re a solo traveller and have no intention of sharing the same tent with anyone else, then a single swag should be more than sufficient in terms of space. At Aussie Disposals, we stock a great range of comfortable single swag tent options for you to check out and choose from. Whether you want to get a traditional, air pole, stretcher or dome swag, we’ve got you covered.


The Benefits of a Swag

Swags can be preferable to tents for several reasons. Firstly, they’re made using superior water proof materials. Secondly, the smaller interior space allows your body warmth to remain inside the swag and keep it warmer. Thirdly, deluxe options are available, such as a king single foam mattress that forms an effective barrier against the cold ground. Swags can also boast better ventilation, an insect proof mesh, heavy duty zippers for privacy, and various supports to keep the weight of the canvas off your body. When you view and buy a single swag tent from Aussie Disposals, you can rest assured that they’ve been sourced from leading brands such as 23Zero, Hi-Country and Ridgeline.


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If you’re looking for a shop in Australia that sells single swag products at affordable prices, you won’t be disappointed by what Aussie Disposals has for sale. Browse our range online or in-store today. Alternatively, contact us to get more details and advice or learn more about placing a bulk order.