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Fishing Lures for Sale

Fishing lures are a great artificial alternative to live bait, used to attract the attention of predatory fish and entice them into striking. You can find a great range of lures right here at Aussie Disposals, with lures to attract everything from bream and trout through to squid and much more.

Attract & Catch More Fish

Fishing lures are designed to appeal to a fish’s instincts by resembling the appearance, movements and colours of their prey. They’re also equipped with one or more hooks that anchor into the fish’s mouth when it strikes, allowing you to get a good hold on it with your rod.

Our range of fishing lures for sale includes:

  • Bream Lure Kits – Includes 50mm deep minnow, 50mm shallow minnow and 70mm pencil minnow
  • Trout Lure Kits – Includes 7g wobbler, 5g minnow spinner, and 7g feather tail spinner
  • Popper Lure Pack – Ideal for casting around snags and structures
  • Rattle Lure Pack – Fitted with extra loud rattles to attract fish over greater distances
  • Pearl Belly Squid Jig – Suitable for fishing off piers all-year round
  • Twister Lures – Suitable for fresh and seawater fish
  • Gillies Saltwater Lure Pack – Includes light and heavy varieties for catching salmon, kingfish and other seawater species

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Aussie Disposals aims to make fishing easier and more enjoyable with our great range of fishing lure kits from trusted brands such as Gillies, Berkley and Neptune Tackle. Order online today and enjoy free shipping when you spend over $69. You can also ask our experts for advice by getting in touch with us.