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Australia’s Number One Outdoor Clothing Brand.

A brand built for hunters, Ridgeline products aim to be lightweight, comfortable, warm, and, most of all, durable. Since founding, they have spread their product lines to encompass general outdoor clothing so anyone and everyone can experience the difference in quality.

Their deep understanding of the unique conditions that Australian hunters and outdoor enthusiasts face on a regular basis has given them the ability to continuously produce some of the highest quality outdoor gear found anywhere. By carefully sourcing materials from around the world, they offer a range of products that are suitable for just about any climate on earth. Continue reading to learn more about the Ridgeline products we carry and how they can elevate your outdoor game.

High Performance Jackets & Pants

As some of the most iconic Ridgeline products, we proudly carry a wide assortment of jackets and pants for you to choose from. Our Ridgeline jackets come in both standard colors and the wildly popular camo prints so you can easily gear up for any adventure. Many of these are designed to be fully waterproof while maintaining a comfortable weight that allows you to move freely.


The Ridgeline pants we carry are built with the same high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance no matter how rugged the terrain gets. With both, you’ll not only be putting together a fully waterproof outfit, but many of our jackets and pants are designed to keep you warm in any cold weather you face.


Each also comes with a number of compartments and handy pockets so you can keep all of your essentials just a hand’s reach away whether you’re hunting or simply exploring some of Australia’s beautiful hiking trails.

Spacious Backpacks & Waist Bags

Of course, no Ridgeline outfit is complete without the addition of one of their battle tested camo backpacks or convenient waist bags. When you’re embarking on a hunting trip that will take you deep into the wilderness, your success is dependant not only on your skills, but the gear you bring as well. Each bag has multiple compartments and ample storage so you can pack all everything you need in one convenient place.


The durable material these backpacks are made from will ensure nothing slows you down since they’re naturally tear, cut, and scuff resistant. Our Ridgeline waist bags are the perfect companion for both hunters and out outdoor enthusiasts alike. Made with the same durability and functionality as our the backpacks, with a waist bag, you can keep all of your most important gear even more easily accessible.

Essential Boots & Gloves

When exploring the great outdoors, not only do your clothes need to be able to withstand the elements, but your shoes and gloves do too. Whether traversing uneven terrain near your ideal hunting spot, or the banks of a lake as you set up camp, Ridgeline boots are second to none. Built with the legendary durability and quality the Ridgeline brand has become world renowned for, these boots can handle just about anything.


Stay warm, comfortable, and confident as you push your boundaries in a pair of Ridgeline boots. If you’ve ever been hunting or camping during the cold winter months without a pair of quality gloves, things can get miserable pretty fast. Stop investing in cheap gloves and do your hands a favor by keeping them warm with a pair of Ridgeline gloves. Once you try them on, you’ll see why so many of our customers have decided they’ll never go back to another brand of gloves.