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Fish Cooking Accessories

Spent the day fishing and want to cook what you’ve caught? It’s a great feeling taking what you’ve caught with your own two hands, cooking it and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Aussie Disposals stocks a smoker which you can use to hot smoke all kinds of fish and other meats to perfection. We also have fish cooking accessories to use with it to achieve the best possible cooking results. We’re confident that with these at your disposal, the fish or meat you cook will be succulent and satisfying. Whether you want to add a specific flavour or simply get the most of your cooking, we can provide what you need.

Sawdust for Smoking Fish

We stock several varieties of sawdust for smoking fish which can be added to your smoker to achieve three great flavours. We offer Iron Bark that has excellent burning qualities and adds a subtle all-round smoke flavour, Scribbly Gum which is easy to prepare and provides an excellent aroma, and Spotted Gum that has a very mild flavour for those who don’t want the smokiness to overpower their food. We’re confident that one of these options will help you achieve the cooking results you desire.

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