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Buy an LED Laser Flashlight from LEDLENSER

When you want powerful and energy efficient lighting for outdoor activities at night, you can rely on LEDLENSER torches, available from Aussie Disposals. With unmatched quality and superior design, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with any other brand. Whether you need an LED laser torch for your next camping trip, a hiking adventure or general everyday use, you’re unlikely to find other products for sale that offer the same value for your money as a LEDLENSER LED laser flashlight.


Nothing but the Best LED Products

Aussie Disposals has a longstanding commitment to providing our customers with quality camping products and camping goods at competitive prices. With this goal as our focus, stocking LEDLENSER was an obvious choice. Boasting superior craftsmanship, reliable functionality and the latest in LED laser technology, these torches are sure to leave you feeling satisfied. The powerful LED globes will also provide you with impressive energy efficient lighting, lasting longer and preventing you from needing to replace batteries as frequently.


Headlamps for Campers and Workers Alike

Many professionals who work in enclosed or dark spaces require reliable lighting that keeps their hands free. Fortunately, we stock LEDLENSER headlamps online and in-store that are easy to use and have powerful LED globes to provide you with constant and clear light so that you can see where you’re going and what you’re doing. This range is also great for fitness enthusiasts who like to exercise at night, whether by cycling, running, bush walking or trekking. Our headlamps are lightweight and will serve as an asset on your future night time adventures.


Buy Your Next Laser Beam Torch Online & Get Nation-Wide Shipping

With a shop located in most states of Australia, Aussie Disposals has served as a trusted supplier of laser beam torch products and camping supplies for over five decades. We also offer a reliable online shopping experience for those who cannot reach one of our stores, allowing people anywhere in the country to view and check out our range. Our secure payment and free shipping for orders over $100* makes buying torches and headlamps online easy. *Exclusions Apply

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