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Are you searching for quality camping hiking gear and outdoor clothing in Australia? At Aussie Disposals, we’re proud to stock everything you need for your next adventure. We’ve got no shortage of items for you to choose from to suit any and all conditions. From men’s clothing, women’s clothing and kids’ clothing through to workwear and apparel accessories, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re travelling in hot and dry or cold and wet conditions, we’ll make sure you’re clothed appropriately with apparel that’s both comfortable and practical.

Best Performance in Tough Conditions

Our camping clothing, hiking clothing and ski clothing for men, women and kids has been made with the highest standard of quality in mind. We stock Blizzard branded items that are renowned for their durability and can be used almost anywhere. We stringently test our clothing to achieve optimal waterproof ratings, warmth and breathability. Our testing ensures the best performance in wet weather and other tough conditions. We understand the importance of having the right socks, gloves, pants, beanies, jackets and outdoor clothing accessories when heading out into the great outdoors.

Items for Winter & Summer

Different clothing is needed depending on what time of the year it is. We apply the general rule that wool is for winter and bamboo is for summer. Take our bamboo clothing, for example. It’s breathable, anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and helps keep you cool when hiking during the summer months.

Wool, on the other hand, keeps you warm during winter. We offer snow gear in Australia that keeps your body insulated from the cold. This includes thermals which are fantastic garments when layering your clothing during the colder months and also make for great pyjamas when camping. We guarantee you’ll be safe and comfortable when wearing our snow clothing in Australia.

Find the Right Gear for Your Destination

Taking the proper clothes with you is crucial when travelling, hiking, skiing or camping. Researching your destination plays an important part in choosing the right outdoor clothing in Australia for your next adventure. Once you know the climate and destination you’re heading to, you’re ready to choose the clothes and accessories to suit your needs. Our range of outdoor and hiking clothes in Australia covers everything from summer and winter clothing through to ski and camping clothing, and clothing for kids too. We’re confident you’ll find the right gear for your destination and adventure.

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At Aussie Disposals, our shop stocks outdoor clothing in Australia from the best brands at the best prices. Browse our range and check out online to get fast delivery. You can also enquire about our outdoor apparel or place a bulk order – simply contact us by calling (03) 9799 5777. You can also view and buy products for sale in-store.