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The Aussie Disposals famous Blizzard branded outdoor clothing is durable enough to take almost anywhere. We place our clothing through strict testing to achieve optimal waterproof ratings, warmth and breathability. This testing makes for the best performance through some tough conditions. It is important to have the right socks, gloves, beanies and outdoor clothing accessories when heading out into the great outdoors.

Take the Bamboo socks, for example; they are breathable, anti-microbial, moisture wicking and help keep your feet cool when hiking during the summer months. We apply the general rule; Wool for winter, Bamboo for summer. Wool has similar properties but keep your feet warmer during winter. Thermals are a fantastic garment when layering your clothing during the colder months and make for great pyjamas when camping out. Aussie Disposals offers the best specifications of the very top brands and value for money. We promise you will be safe in Blizzard gear.

Pick the right hiking clothing and other gear for your destination

Taking the proper clothes with you is crucial for when travelling, hiking, skiing and camping. Researching your destination plays an important part in choosing the right outdoor wear for your next adventure.

Once you know the climate and destination you are heading to, you are ready to choose the clothes and accessories to suit your needs. Our outdoor wear is vast and is built to a specification. Our range of outdoor and hiking clothing covers everything, from summer and winter clothing, ski, camping and clothing for kids too!

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