Are you a hunting enthusiast who has recently discovered the thrill of hunting or been hunting for years? Do you want quality gear to ensure you’re fully equipped and prepared for any situation? For all the hunters out there, you can get access to the best hunting gear and hunting supplies in Australia at Aussie Disposals. Whether you’re just starting out and learning about what you should wear and carry with you or you’re a pro that knows exactly what you need, we stock the largest range of hunting supplies you can find.


What We Stock

From hunting clothing and hardware to hunting accessories and more, we have no shortage of items for you to browse and bulk order. Our products fall under the following sub-categories:

  • Hunting Clothing– Our hunting apparel encompasses shirts and t-shirts, jackets and outers, pants, footwear, beanies and gloves, and various accessories such as belts and face veils
  • Hunting Accessories– We can provide bow accessories, targets, callers and whistles, ammo boxes, netting and pouches, and more
  • Ridgeline Gear– We source gear from Ridgeline such as clothes, footwear, bags and packs, and accessories such as belts, gloves, beanies, sleeping bags and more
  • Packs and Bags– Including hunting backpacks, duffels and waist packs that are tough and designed to fit everything you need to face the relentless elements

Our shop only stocks genuine and authentic hunting gear for you to view and buy at your discretion. We guarantee that you’ll look the part, exude confidence and authority to others who are travelling alongside you, and be well-equipped to tackle challenging circumstances and environments.


Over 50 Years of Experience

For over 50 years, Aussie Disposals has been sourcing the best and rarest hunting gear from all over the world. Whether you’re duck hunting or stealth hunting, we have everything you need. We have plenty of camo gear to get yourself decked out for your next stalk.

Have a look at our range of Ridgeline hunting gear online which includes their famous buffalo camo to keep you hidden and comfortable while hunting. A lot of hunters also wear military gear whilst hunting because of its robust nature, which is also worth a look at on our online store.


Order Hunting Gear Today

If you’re on the lookout for quality hunting supplies in Australia, check out what Aussie Disposals has for sale online and you won’t be disappointed. To enquire about our products and get your questions answered, contact us via phone or online for useful info and helpful advice. You can also visit us in-store if you prefer.