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Bags & Packs That Are As Tough As You As a hunter or avid outdoorsmen, one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have is a well equipped backpack. Unlike with regular packs and bags, our tactical and military grade products are designed to be just as tough as you are while effectively carrying everything you need to see your mission through. Due to the harsh, extreme climates many of our customers face on a regular basis, we realized that they needed backpacks which were capable of easily fitting the variety of gear needed to face the relentless elements of mother nature. Whether it’s something as simple as waist pack and duffel bag or a fully equipped 70L combat backpack, we proudly offer a wide range of products to ensure you can find exactly what you need. Continue reading below to learn about the different types of packs and bags we carry to see which one suits your needs best. High-Quality Waist Bags When you need something small and mobile that won’t weigh you down while still carrying the few needed essentials, a waist bag will do just the trick. Unlike the traditional “fanny packs” that regularly get made fun of, our tactical and military grade waist bags are specifically designed for the rugged outdoors. As such, they all have camo or wilderness colors and designs so you can easily blend in with the environment whether on the hunt or hiking the trails. What also makes our waist bags so unique is their level of utility and flexibility. Coming with multiple pouches as well as a few optional additions for more gear-intensive adventures, you can customize your waist bag exactly to your liking. It’s easy to compartmentalize and organize your gear while also maintaining ease of use with one handed operability. Lastly, you can’t beat the unwavering durability of our waist bags. Understanding that the unforgiving Australian outback can be quite harsh on gear, we only carry waist bags of the highest quality so you never have to slow down. Durable Duffel Bags Sometimes, you just need a large, durable bag that you can easily throw all of your gear into. Whether going camping, hunting, or even to the shooting range, our duffel bags are prepared to be the most convenient form of storage for all of your odds and ends. All of our duffel bags are built from battle tested materials that can easily withstand scratches, cuts, and tears that would ruin other lower quality bags. In addition to durability, many of our tactical and military duffel bags come with extra straps to really secure your load and make transportation easier. The comfortable, thick handles are also a nice touch so you’re less likely to get fatigued when carrying your gear over long distances. Depending on what you’ll be using it for, we carry an accommodating range of different sizes that can fit everything from clothes and hunting gear to tents and sleeping bags. Tactical & Hunting Backpacks No matter where your adventures take you, we’re confident we have the perfect backpack for you. With more than a dozen different models from the highest quality brands, we carry tactical and military grade backpacks that can travel to the ends of the earth. Complete with multiple pouches and compartments, you’ll quickly see why so many adventurers and hunters have decided to go with one of our backpacks above everyone else. Ranging in size from a 25L all the way up to 65L or more, just pick the size that’s appropriate for your travels. Many of our backpacks also come with customization options, allowing you to add on extra pouches and attachments as needed so you’re never without the gear you need. You’ll also see that a lot of our packs are direct replicas of those used by militaries around the world, a testament to their rugged durability and functionality.