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At Aussie Disposals, we proudly stock an impressive range of sleeping gear accessories in Australia. Our goal is to ensure you’re well-equipped for every situation while camping, especially in regards to your sleeping arrangements. That’s why we stock all the accessories you need, including pillows, inner bedding sheets, sleeping bag liners, mosquito nets, inflatable mattress pumps, electric pumps, hand and foot pumps, repair kits and more from leading brands such as Hi-Country, Bestway and Kookaburra.


Are Mattress Pumps Suitable for All Brands?

Generally, mattress pumps can be used universally, but remember to check the specific model for possible exemptions. There are times when the nozzle-valve might be incompatible which means that the mattress will lose air as you’re trying to inflate it. Due diligence will help you avoid these situations.


How Can I Use an Electric Pump Outdoors?

You can plug an electric pump into a generator which powers it for use outdoors. There are also battery-operated alternatives available if you don’t have a generator. Just remember to keep the batteries charged before you embark so that you’ve got enough juice.


Is the Bedding Material Suitable for Everyone?

It depends on your individual preferences. Some materials are more comfortable than others for different people. In addition, you might be allergic to certain materials which you should avoid.


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