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Freestanding Swags for Sale in Australia

Do you want shelter that’s quick to set up at your chosen destination and easily stowed away when on the move? The team at Aussie Disposals has you covered with our excellent range of freestanding swags. These are the perfect accessory for camping adventurers who want simple and speedy solutions, especially after a long day behind the wheel or when the sun is setting quickly. If you want to explore the great outdoors of Australia, our shop has everything you need to stay comfortable and well-rested.


Choose from Multiple Options to Suit Your Needs

You can find the highest quality freestanding swags at Aussie Disposals. Our range includes single swag, double swag, dual swag and dome swag tent options for you to choose from, all of which have been sourced from leading brands such as 23 Zero, Hi-Country and Ridgeline. These swags can be placed on top of stretchers to provide extra elevation, keeping you off the cold wet ground and away from critters. They also boast an all season design which delivers excellent ventilation and protection from the elements regardless of the time of year.


Browse Our Freestanding Swags Today

If you’re looking to get freestanding swags, browse and check out the impressive range of options for sale at Aussie Disposals. View and buy a swag online or in-store today. Alternatively, you can contact us at your convenience to enquire about our products or learn more about placing a bulk order.