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Find the Best Range of Stretcher Beds in Australia

Are you looking for comfortable and compact camping beds? Do you want some distance between you and the ground where all the creepy crawlies are while you’re peacefully sleeping? Fortunately, Aussie Disposals stocks a great range of durable stretcher beds that are suitable for outdoor camping and hiking. We have no shortage of options available from brands such as 23Zero and Hi-Country.

Our stretcher beds are light weight and foldable for easy set up and easy storage. Whether you want a low size single bed or a padded jumbo size bed, we can provide a solution that accommodates you and your swag and allows you to get the shut eye you need.


How Easy is it to Set Up Stretcher Beds?

Stretcher beds are foldable, which makes them extremely easy to set up and pack away. You can have them ready or stored away within minutes.


How Heavy Are the Stretcher Beds?

Stretcher beds are known for being light weight, meaning they’re not heavy and can be carried with ease. It won’t be a hassle carrying and placing them exactly where you want. However the mega stretcher due to its durability weighs 14kg.


Are Stretcher Beds Better than Sleeping Bags and Mats?

Stretcher beds are better than sleeping bags and mats in that they’re elevated. This is preferential for people who want to avoid the moisture and critters that can come with sleeping on the ground.


What Size Tents and Swags Will Stretchers Fit In?

Speak to us to determine what sized tent or swag you’ll need to accommodate the stretcher beds you choose. This will differ depending on the size of your stretcher.


Buy Stretcher Beds Online or In-Store Today

If you’re planning to travel in Australia and you want to make your adventure more comfortable with stretcher beds, look no further than Aussie Disposals. Discover what we have for sale by giving our shop a browse online or visiting us in-store. We have an intuitive online check out system that allows you to view and buy products with ease. You can also contact us to get more information and enquire about placing a bulk order.