Military and Hunting Gear at Aussie Disposals

For all the hunters out there, we have the perfect hunting gear online. We have gun bags, hunting clothing and hunting accessories for stealth hunting, duck hunting. Have a look at the Ridge line hunting gear online which has their famous buffalo camo to keep you hidden and comfortable while hunting. A lot of hunters also wear military gear whilst hunting because of its robust nature, which is also worth a look at on our online store.

For over 50 years Aussie Disposals has been sourcing the best and rarest military gear from all over Europe and other parts of the world. The product ranges from; military clothing, camo gear, footwear, bags and packs, sleeping bags, hardware and army gear accessories.Most of our military gear is in excellent condition and sometimes even offers better quality than manufactured brands in the market. Army gear is always high quality as they cannot afford to make cheap imitations. Everything is built to a specification and not to a price. If you are a hunter, we have plenty of camo gear to get yourself decked out for your next stalk. For everyone involved in cadets, air force and the army reserves, check out huge range of tactical assault system accessories. The range has you covered in all your Auscam camo gear, from belts and pouches to harnesses.The military clothing range gives you the best quality from Scandinavia and Europe. The camo gear is perfect for camping, hunting, fancy dress ups and even just fashion. The military produces the best hardware in Jerry cans, ammo boxes which are all in good working condition. Aussie Disposals is the largest military distributor in Australia, our buying power gives you the biggest range at the best price. Come into store or shop for military online for all your Ex-Army and camo gear.