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  1. 23Zero Rooftop Boot + Gear Pocket
    23Zero Gear
    23Zero Rooftop Boot + Gear Pocket
  2. Standard Poly Tarps
    Standard Poly Tarps
    As low as $3.95
  3. Heavy Duty Poly Tarp
    Heavy Duty Poly Tarp
    As low as $19.99
  4. Ratchet 4 Piece Tie Down Set
    Ratchet 4 Piece Tie Down Set
  5. Camo 2M Pull Down Tie Downs 2Pc
    Camo 2M Pull Down Tie Downs 2Pc
  6. 34cm Water Bag
    34cm Water Bag
  7. 23Zero Shower Tent
    23Zero Gear
    23Zero Shower Tent
    Special Price $299.99 Regular Price $349.99
  8. 20Lt Collapsible Water Container 20Lt Collapsible Water Container
    20Lt Collapsible Water Container
  9. Square Mouth Mini Spade
    Square Mouth Mini Spade
  10. Fine Thread Plastic Tap
    Aussie Jerry Can & Drums
    Fine Thread Plastic Tap
  11. Tap-Drum Lever Action
    Aussie Jerry Can & Drums
    Tap-Drum Lever Action
  12. Flexible Jerry Can Pourer
    Flexible Jerry Can Pourer
  13. 20 LT Diesel Jerry Can
    Aussie Jerry Can & Drums
    20 LT Diesel Jerry Can
  14. 20 LT Army Style Plastic Jerry Can
    Aussie Jerry Can & Drums
    20 LT Army Style Plastic Jerry Can
  15. 10lt fuel can
    Aussie Jerry Can & Drums
    10 LT Fuel Can
  16. 20lt Fuel Can
    Aussie Jerry Can & Drums
    20 LT Fuel Can

22 Items


4WD Camping Accessories for Sale in Australia

Do you want to make sure you’re well-equipped and prepared for your camping trip? At Aussie Disposals, we’re proud to stock 4WD accessories that can meet your needs. Whether you want additional storage and temporary shelter or you need backup supplies for longer trips, we can help you prepare for the unpredictable nature of camping adventures.


Our Available Range of 4WD Accessories

We stock a mixture of Australian made products and products sourced from around the world. Our aim is to make sure campers have everything they need to brave the great outdoors in Australia. Our range of 4WD camping accessories includes:

  • Standard and heavy duty poly tarps
  • Pull down tie downs
  • Plastic taps
  • Storage bags with mesh gear pockets
  • Water cans, containers and bags
  • Tap-drum lever action
  • Fuel cans and jerry cans
  • Jerry can seal and can pourer
  • And much more

For over half a century, Aussie Disposals has made every effort to support campers and outdoor enthusiasts by sharing our knowledge and expertise. If you need advice on what to get for your specific travel plans, our team are happy to offer helpful suggestions and recommendations for you to check out.


Browse Online or In-Store Today

Next time you want to buy 4WD camping accessories, you can get everything you need in-store or online at Aussie Disposals. Browse our shop to view the products we have for sale, all of which you can bulk order at competitive prices. Alternatively, you can contact us to enquire for more information.