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Thermal Wear for Kids

Does your child complain about being too cold when indoors or outdoors? You may want to consider getting them kids’ thermal clothes that are snug-fitting and act like a second skin, helping to retain body heat and increase comfort. Fortunately, Aussie Disposals stocks thermal wear for kids that are ideal for the colder months of the year. Choose from multiple sizes to ensure the thermals you get are well fitted to your child. We’re confident that your kid will be warmer and happier when wearing a thermal top and bottom to keep them comfortable.

Perfect for Regulating Body Temperature

Our range of boys’ thermal underwear and girls’ thermals are sourced from leading brands such as Wild River and XMT. Each and every top and bottom has been carefully crafted using a breathable mid-weight polypropylene fabric which boasts moisture-wicking abilities. This means they can effectively regulate body temperature and minimise excessive sweating. Our kids’ thermal underwear can also be worn on their own without extra garments underneath or on top. Plus in addition to thermals, our kids’ range also includes shirts, jackets, pants, footwear and various accessories.

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Aussie Disposals is the number one choice for kids’ thermal wear. Enquire with us today to get your questions answered by calling (03) 9799 5726, sending an email to or filling out our online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can shop our range online or in-store to find what you need.