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Hand Held Torches in Australia

Whether you’re camping, hiking or trekking, you should always have a hand held torch with which to see in the dark. It’s easy to trip over something and injure yourself or get lost if you can’t see where you’re going. That’s why the range of camping goods and camping products at Aussie Disposals includes hand held torches in Australia. We have many different options to choose from depending on your needs, so check out what we for sale and you’re sure to find an appropriate solution for your next outdoor trips.


Discover Our Impressive Selection of Torches

Whether you’re looking for the most compact, the longest-lasting or the brightest torch in Australia, we’ve got you covered. Our impressive selection includes:

  • Tino light & multi-tool pack
  • Ergonomic LED tactical torch in Australia
  • Durable pocket torches
  • Slim rechargeable light, power bank and laser
  • LED angled head torches
  • Ultra-bright work lights
  • Multi-purpose emergency torches
  • LED rechargeable spotlights
  • 3-1 flashlight, power bank and folding knife

You’ll find only the very best products at Aussie Disposals thanks to the relationships we’ve forged with leading brands such as Nebo, LEDLESNER and Brillar, among others.


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