Hike Boots

The Best Range of Men’s & Women’s Hiking Boots and Shoes

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and love to get your walk on off the beaten track, you’ll need the right hiking shoes or boots to ensure you’re not left slipping and sliding the whole time. At Aussie Disposals, we’re proud to be able to offer a comprehensive range of both women’s and men’s hiking boots and shoes, allowing you to select the pair that match the conditions you’ll be taking them into.

Browse through our fantastic collection today and choose from some of the best brands available at incredibly affordable prices.

What type of shoe or boot is best for you?

There are a few factors you need to think about when you’re looking to buy footwear that’s suited to use away from urban life:

Tread is a huge contributing factor when making a decision on what to buy. The more tread you have, the less chance you’ll end up slipping when you’re walking up down hills that have surfaces which are uneven.

Proper foot and ankle support. This will differ depending on a few things such as how susceptible your ankles are to sprains, whether you’re lugging a backpack and more.

Environment. The lay of the land you hike more often than not will dictate exactly how much tread you require to stay safe. If it’s relatively even, our hiking shoes for women and men would be perfect. Rougher terrain and you'd benefit greatly from either mid- or high-top boots.

There are a few more considerations, and if you come into your nearest Aussie Disposals store we would be happy to assist you in choosing the ideal pair to fit with your needs.

Got a question about our hiking gear?

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