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Wheelie Bags from Leading Brands

Are you tired of carrying luggage that causes strain on your body? Why not get a bag with wheels that requires little effort to move around? The team at Aussie Disposals can provide you with high-quality wheelie bags from Caribee, Black Wolf, Bells Beach and other leading brands. From travel packs with large front compartments and zippered divider panels through to duffle bags made from durable cotton canvas and featuring retractable handles, we’ve got you covered.

Why Use Wheelie Bags for Travel?

There are many reasons to use a wheelie duffle bag or travel suitcase. The biggest benefit is that they can be moved along the floor with ease, taking the weight off your shoulders and hips. Four wheeled bags are even better, as they can be gently rolled alongside or in front of you, reducing strain that you might otherwise put on your wrist by tilting bags forward. Other benefits include:

  • More convenient when boarding or disembarking a plane, with less bumping into each seat
  • Can stand up on their own without toppling over so you won’t have to keep picking them up
  • Provide a multi-purpose baggage solution for any and all personal and professional purposes

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If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure store that stocks wheelie bags for travel, there’s no better choice than Aussie Disposals. Browse our range online and place your order today, or head over to our contact page and choose your preferred method of speaking to us if you have any questions.