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Explore Our Range of Camping Showers and Toilets in Australia

Camping outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice basic comforts and conveniences. At Aussie Disposals, we can provide camping showers and toilets that give you the opportunity to freshen up and do your business in privacy and without feeling uncivilised. Whether you want dedicated toilet tents in which to place portable toilets and showers or you need chemicals for cleaning and sanitising toilets to maintain hygiene, check out our range and buy a suitable solution based on your specific needs.


Get Geared Out for Your Next Trip

Make sure you bring a portable shower and toilet for camping next time you organise a trip in Australia. Our products are simple to set up and dismantle at a moment’s notice, making it easy to clean and relieve yourself as necessary. We can provide:

  • Toilets– Our portable toilets offer a hygienic and comfortable way to go to the bathroom outdoors. We offer space efficient bush dunnies that can be erected in seconds, a family sized porta pottie with a high capacity waste holding tank, and more.
  • Toilet Accessories– We offer advanced and powerful chemicals that liquefy waste, making it easier to empty tanks, control odours and clean portable toilets.
  • Showers– Our range includes 20 LT canvas showers, 12 volt camper showers, 20 litre solar showers, shower stands and more.
  • Ensuite Tents– We offer single and double ensuite tents that can serve as fully enclosed restrooms in which portable toilets and showers can be placed.

Our products can be bought individually or purchased as part of a bulk order at competitive prices.


Buy a Portable Shower and Toilet for Camping Today

You won’t find a better shop than Aussie Disposals when you’re looking for camping showers and toilets. Whether you choose to browse our range online or view what we have for sale in-store, we’re confident that you’ll find and get what you need. Contact us today to enquire.