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Duffle Bags in Australia

Do you want a sturdy and spacious bag which you can use to store and transport your gear without hassle? At Aussie Disposals, you’ll find a great range of duffle bags in Australia that are suitable for camping, hiking, travelling and other purposes. Whether you want to pack clothes and toiletries or survival gear such as flashlights, water bottles and other items, we can provide a suitable duffle bag that will make your journey and adventures more convenient and less stressful.


Choose From Multiple Types and Sizes

We stock multiple types and sizes of duffle bags for you to choose from. From a men’s leather duffle bag in Australia that has high carrying capacity through to heavy duty Caribee bags in Australia that are built for rigorous outdoor use, you won’t be disappointed by the options we have available.


The Benefits of Duffle Bags

Our duffle bags in Australia from Caribee and other leading brands boast various benefits, including:

  • Easy to pack, clean and carry
  • Lots of room for small and bulky items
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Pliable for fitting into small or tight spaces
  • Made from water-resistant materials


Shop Online or Visit Your Local Store Today

At Aussie Disposals, we’re proud to stock duffle bags in Australia that are second to none. Find and visit your local store or shop online today to get free shipping on orders over $69. If you have any questions, you can speak to us by calling (03) 9799 5777, sending us an email or filling out our online contact form.