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Mid Cut Travel Boots & Shoes

Mid hiking boots and shoes are designed to provide the wearer with some additional ankle support. This is especially crucial for times when you have to carry a heavy backpack that will raise your centre of gravity and make it more likely to lose your balance, which can be very dangerous when trekking in tough and dangerous terrain.

Mid cut hiking boots and shoes provide great ankle protection to prevent the wearer from getting bruised, cut or grazed, all of which are very common occurrences to hikers that venture off established trails. They’re also designed to keep feet dry if the trail the wearer goes trekking on is especially muddy.

At Aussie Disposals, we have an exceptional range of mid cut hiking boots and trekking shoes available to choose from. We only stock mid cut travel boots from the best brands, including Trail, Hi-Tec and Ridgeline, meaning you’ll be sure to get a high-quality product whenever you shop with us online or in-store.

Many hikers choose to shop at Aussie Disposals to find quality women and men mid cut hiking boots and shoes at the best price available. If you’re not familiar with our products, we recommend checking out our wide selection of popular mid cut hiking boots and shoes online.

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