Wet Weather Gear

Your One-Stop-Shop For High-Quality Wet Weather Gear

Even though Australia is a fairly dry continent, it’s still never fun to get caught in the rain. Whether you’re on your way to work or simply enjoying the great outdoors as a stormcloud looms overhead, we make it easy to be prepared for wet weather.

At Aussie Disposals, we carry dozens of products to help keep everyone in your family (kids to adults) dry from the rain. From casual commuter wear to the avid hunter, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

All The Gear You’ll Ever Need

Preparing for wet weather goes far beyond simply having a rain jacket, which is why we carry a variety of different products to help make sure you’re properly protected from the elements.


For the ultimate in both style and versatility, we have an accommodating range of parkas that are designed to stand up to the wettest of conditions. Designed with a waterproof membrane and extra padding for warmth along the inside, you’ll never have to be uncomfortable when the weather is less than ideal.

Rain Jackets

If your primary concern is to stay both dry and cool, consider browsing through our selection of rain jackets. Designed to keep you dry while remaining breathable, it’s the perfect combination for either everyday use or when you’re out exploring nature.

Waterproof Pants

Sometimes, keeping your upper half waterproofed simply doesn’t cut it. For both the outdoor workers and adventure enthusiasts, we offer waterproof pants that will ensure your whole body stays dry. Not only are they breathable, but they give you plenty of room to move around so your motion isn’t restricted.

Rain Boots

Nothing can put you in a bad mood faster than being forced to stand or sit with wet, soggy feet. Having a quality pair of rain boots is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself time and time again. Instead of having to Scotchgard your shoes, give yourself some peace of mind and gear up with rain boots.

Products of the Highest Quality

At Aussie Disposals, we want to offer our customers more than just value, which is why we only carry products of the highest quality from leading name brands that have withstood the test of time. We proudly offer products from brands such as Blizzard, Rainbirds, Ridgeline, Aussie Gumboot, Bogs, Arctic, and plenty more.

If you’re not sure which product to go with or would like to try something on in person, feel free to visit one of our store locations where a friendly staff member will be happy to get you set up with the right wet weather gear.