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Packs & Bags Travelling Accessories in Australia

Do you want to make sure your travel bags are clearly labelled and adequately secured? Are you on the lookout for hands-free drinking solutions or devices that can filter and purify water? At Aussie Disposals, we offer a wide range of travelling accessories in Australia for packs and bags. We go above and beyond for campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts by making sure they’re fully equipped for their outdoor adventures. Our commitment to making sure you’re prepared sets us apart from the competition.


Equip Yourself with the Packs & Bags Accessories You Need

We can equip you with a range of accessories for your packs and bags, including:

  • High-visibility rain covers for daypacks and rucksacks
  • Packing cube sets for separating clothing items and important accessories
  • All-purpose packing pouches with airtight seals, ideal for wet clothes, toiletries and more
  • Brightly coloured luggage ID tags for quick recognition
  • Digital luggage scales with high precision sensors
  • Fully adjustable luggage straps to personalise baggage and prevent accidental opening
  • Laundry bags with draw string ties for wet clothes, linen and other items
  • Padlocks and combination locks to secure your belongings in transit

In addition, we can provide hydration bags for hands-free drinking, insulated bottles that keep drinks cool or warm, water purification devices from LifeStraw that filter water, durable water bottles, and more.


Speak to Our Experts Today

If you’re looking for packs and bags travelling accessories in Australia, you can get everything you need at Aussie Disposals. Once you’ve what you’re looking for, place an order or drop into one of our stores. You can also get in touch with us via phone or online form to learn more.