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Travel Luggage Tags for Sale

Do you want to make sure your luggage is visible and easily identifiable when you’re travelling? At Aussie Disposals, we can provide you with brightly coloured luggage tags and luggage straps from leading brands such as Go Travel. Whether you want to make your bags and suitcases stand out more plainly on busy carousels in the airport arrival halls or stop luggage from accidentally opening at any point during transit, we’ve got a suitable solution that can put your mind at ease.

Keep Track of Your Luggage with Ease

If you need tags and straps for your luggage, we’ve got you covered with a range of quality options that includes:

  • GLO Luggage ID – Available in multiple colours, these ID tags make it easier to recognise your luggage and prevent it from getting lost in transit.
  • Tag Me – These ultra slim luggage tags are bright, bold and instantly recognisable so that your bags stand out on busy carousels without displaying your personal details.
  • GLO Strap – Ultra bright and hard-wearing, these straps are built to last and are fully adjustable to fit most cases, preventing luggage from accidentally opening and discouraging theft.
  • Luggage Strap – A highly visible and fully adjustable strap made from durable fabric that personalises your baggage to avoid mistaken identity.

If you’re unsure what will work best for your needs, we can provide helpful advice and assistance to make the decision easier. We’re confident you’ll find a suitable solution to have on hand for your next trip.

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Browse the travel luggage tags for sale at Aussie Disposals today and place an order online at your earliest convenience for prompt delivery to your door. Alternatively, you can visit us in store or get in touch with us if you have any sales enquiries or need expert advice.