Hi-Country Standard Long Self Inflate Mat

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For Dedicated Campers, a Premium Self Inflating Air Mattress

For the truly dedicated outdoorsman, or simply anyone willing to seek out the most reliable and high quality camping gear products, there is no going past Hi-Country. As the nation’s leading retailer of these goods, Aussie Disposals consistently finds Hi-Country to be among our strongest brands, and their extra-long self-inflating mattress is another terrific product we can wholeheartedly recommend to our customers.

The self inflating mattress you can depend on to go the distance

As is the hallmark of the brand, this mattress takes the essential consumer demands on an inflatable mattress and delivers a product which excels on all fronts. Both the outer and inner hide are made of durable, high quality blends which are fit to survive the rough and tumble of camping – you won’t have to worry yourself about sudden leaks or scratches deflating it during the night. Spare yourself the effort of blowing up a wobbly air bed with the simple, reliable self inflating valve system. The bed is stable when flat, and extra-long so you have room to stretch out, but still rolls up to be compact when deflated for easy transport.

A truly self inflating air mattress – no need for fiddly pumps

Where Hi-Country have really triumphed is in how easy this mattress is to inflate and deflate, time and time again. The mattress is a single unit, no props or tools needed; just open up the valve and give it a few minutes to fill, then close the valve and enjoy a sound night’s sleep. Deflating the bed again when morning comes is equally straightforward – just open the valve and roll the mattress up, squeezing the air out as you go. Close the valve again once it’s flat and you’re ready to move. It works exactly how you think it should. Instructions are provided.


  • Heavy duty repair patch included
  • Heavy duty repair patch included
  • Diamond Ripstop Polyester
  • High Density Foam
  • Bedding Size: Single
  • Bedding Type: Self-Inflating
  • Dimensions: 183 cm x 51cm x 3cm
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