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Are you looking for comfortable and stylish yet practical shirts for women? At Aussie Disposals, our women tshirt range includes all sorts of styles and numerous sizes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for long sleeve flannelettes, outdoor tshirts with good stretch for comfort, or an army t-shirt with many uses, we can provide a suitable solution that fits well, looks good and holds up over time.

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We stock a great range of outdoor and military t-shirts from leading brand Special Forces which means you can trust they’re made from quality fabrics and with plenty of care. You’ll find long sleeve, light weight outdoor shirts with good sun protection, as well as army shirts in army green or camouflage. All of our camo shirts are perfect for dress ups, cadets, scouts, or anyone who wants to make a fashion statement with camo.

Everyone loves a t-shirt, and we have a great range in stock. Our t-shirts are inexpensive, but have been made with quality materials. We offer various designs for our t-shirts, such as Auscam and Woodland camo designs. Whether you’re organising a dress up party or you’re an aspiring cadet who wants appropriate clothing, our t-shirts are perfect for women of all ages.

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At Aussie Disposals, we have no shortage of shirts for women as well as men. View and buy our available items today or contact our shop to get helpful information and advice.