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Saltwater Fishing Tackle Kits

Looking for a saltwater tackle kit that contains everything you need for fishing in saltwater? Anglers of all skill levels can find a suitable solution at Aussie Disposals. Whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out for the first time or you’re an experienced fisherman who wants to expand their tackle box, we can provide you with a kit based on your requirements.

Everything You Need to Fish in Saltwater

Sourced from leading brands such as Gillies, our saltwater tackle box kit options are available in multiple varieties. We can provide you with a kit that’s suitable for catching specific species of marine life, including:

  • Whiting Species Pack
  • Flathead Species Pack
  • Bream Species Pack
  • Salmon/Surf Species Pack
  • Snapper Species Pack

In addition, we can provide more general tackle boxes for saltwater fishing purposes. The Plano saltwater tackle box kit contains all the essentials you need aside from the rod itself and features a carry handle and clip lock for maximum convenience. We also offer light and heavy lure packs so you can target most species of fish you’re likely to encounter in the estuaries, beaches and open blue water.

Buy a Saltwater Tackle Box Kit Today

Explore the range of saltwater fishing tackle kits for sale at Aussie Disposals today, all of which have been sourced from Gillies and other leading brands. Check out what we have to offer and make a purchase either in-store or online. Alternatively, you can speak to us for advice and assistance.