Gold Prospecting

Find gold with our top of the line gold panning equipment.

Aussie Disposals supplies Australia with some of the best prospecting equipment available. Our equipment is top of the line and built for the rigours of gold hunting, so whether you’re looking for a little fun, or you’re a more serious prospector, we can outfit you with some great gold panning equipment.

Affordable gold panning equipment for the part-time prospector

If you’re looking to enjoy some weekend prospecting in a local gold rich river, then we have you covered with affordable gold panning equipment available across Australia. Our panning equipment ranges from the simple pan to the more expensive, but far more durable and professional aluminium sieve set. So, if you’re looking for some cheap gold hunting fun, order online or visit a local store.

For the more serious gold prospector our heavy-duty river sluices are the way to go. Built locally and to last, once sighted correctly you can sit back and let the gold flow in.

Dig to your gold with conveniently sized digging equipment

All prospectors know that no matter where your hunting for gold in Australia, you’re going to have to do some trekking, and carrying full sized shovels and picks is simply impractical in most cases. Our travel sized picks and entrenching tools are perfect for a prospector on the move, they’re light weight and small, while still being well-made enough to last through heavy use.

With stores all around Australia, as well as online shopping available for most of our gold prospecting equipment, no matter where you are in Australia, Aussie Disposals has you covered.

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