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Check Out Our Range of Camping Beanies & Gloves

Are you planning on going camping or hiking when it’s cold? At Aussie Disposals, we stock a selection of quality camping beanies and gloves to keep your head and hands warm when you’re outdoors and the temperature is low. You won’t have to worry about your hands going numb or losing body heat via your head because they’ll be covered by a thick yet breathable material for superior comfort and warmth. We have multiple styles for you to choose from, ensuring you’ll find something that you like.

Perfect for Various Purposes

Our wool gloves and beanies from XTM, Wild River and other great brands are perfect for both casual and professional outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you want to go camping in the middle of winter or you’re planning a hike through a frigid mountainous region, we have beanies and gloves that are suitable for any and all purposes, including handling hot cookware and dangerous materials.

We have no shortage of options available for men and women alike, including fleece beanies that hold body heat while allowing moisture to escape, 100% acrylic balaclavas that cover most of your face, wool fingerless gloves that allow you to still grip things, arctic gloves for arctic weather conditions, and tactical gloves that boast reinforced palm protection.

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If you’re looking for women’s and men’s wool gloves and camping beanies, check out the range of items for sale online and in-store at Aussie Disposals. Enquire about any of our products or find out more about placing a bulk order by visiting our contact page and choosing your preferred method.