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11 Items

Leading Suppliers of Engel Fridges and Freezers Online

Engel is a brand name known for its reliable products and first-rate manufacturing. This is why we are proud to supply a number of their freezers, fridges, accessories and more on our online store. As a leading provider of outdoor cooling equipment, you can rest assured that your perishables remain fresh and safe to eat until you’re ready for them.

Next time you go camping, or even when organising a family picnic at your local park, you’ll be able to bring enough supplies to feed an entire troop of children, cousins, siblings and more! You’ll also be able to store all of the refreshments you need without them going warm. The BBQ chef needs his fuel after all.

Features and benefits of the Engel range

These sophisticated outdoor units can be either plugged directly into your vehicle’s cigarette socket using the supplied 12-volt cord, or they can be plugged into a wall socket with a 240-volt lead with three pin plug. This flexibility means you can use our Engel fridges or freezes for sale as indoor, or outdoor units, whatever you'd prefer.

These products also come with easy to use digital controls and a built in battery monitor to see how much charge you have. Choose from varying sizes, with smaller 32 litre models, all the way up to our massive 80 litre options. This allocation of space for your fridge/freezer items is perfect for longer camping trips, larger corporate outings, that big family picnic and a myriad of other occasions.

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Now that you have your new Engle fridge/freezer, stock up on our camping accessories and cookware so you and your gang are prepared for the ultimate wilderness experience.

If you had any questions about our range, or would like to learn more about our shipping policies, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. We’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.