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Thermal Clothing

When winter arrives and the temperature drops, it can be difficult to stay warm even when you’re fully clothed. That’s why you should consider getting thermals which are designed to retain body heat and keep you comfortable. Fortunately, Aussie Disposals offers a fantastic selection of thermal clothing products for you to choose from. Whether you plan to travel outdoors when it’s chilly or you just want more warmth when you go to bed, our women thermal products can help.

Choose from Thermal Tops, Leggings & Pants

We proudly offer thermal tops along with thermal leggings and thermal pants. The products we stock are breathable, lightweight and flexible, which means you won’t have to worry about excessive perspiration, feeling weighed down, or tearing the material. Sourced from Blizzard, our thermal underwear is renowned for its comfort. Whether you choose to get a wool thermal top and bottom or a polypropylene thermal garment, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the look and feel. Our thermals are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring you won’t get cold no matter where you are or what time of the day it is.

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Get quality thermal clothing at Aussie Disposals either in-store or online. Contact us today to enquire about what we have for sale or get more details about how you can make a bulk order. You can also browse and check out our range for yourself.