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Shoe Laces in Australia & Other Footwear Accessories

When you buy your new work, utility or leisure boots, it’s vital that you consider what shoe accessories you might need. If you’re looking for elastic shoe laces in Australia or other accessories, make Aussie Disposals your first choice. We have all the shoe essentials you need to keep your boots in good working order. For the most reliable source of shoe laces in Australia, check out our online store or pop into one of our in-person shops. Need your boots kept safe from water? Try Dubbin Waterproof products to give your boots a treatment to keep all water away.

Some of Our Most Popular Footwear Accessories

Foot Beds

Foot beds add an extra layer of comfort to your boots, giving support to the soles of your feet right where it’s needed.

Dubbin Waterproof

Dubbin Waterproof is a great product for leather hiking boots, work boots, and even sporting boots. The waxes and oils in this product help to waterproof and protect leather for years to come.  

Boot Laces

We stock round boot laces in Australia that are suitable for a variety of boots, including hiking, work, sporting and utility boots.

Flat Laces

Flat laces can be used in sports shoes or even boots, depending on what kinds of laces you prefer.

Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks are moisture wicking, making them perfect for hiking during the summer months. They allow your feet to breathe in your chosen footwear.

Drawstring Bag

Sometimes it’s useful to have a storage bag to keep your footwear looking brand new for as long as possible. These bags are also perfect for keeping your footwear accessories all in one place. 

For All Your Footwear Needs, Check Out Aussie Disposals

Aussie Disposals stocks a huge range of boots and footwear accessories. We offer everything from work boots to hiking boots, snow boots, utility boots, leisure boots and even steel capped boots. We also provide all the footwear essentials you need to keep your boots in prime condition for as long as possible, including shoe laces in Australia. Discover our complete range online or in-store today.