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  1. 5 Pack Crew Sock
    Hard yakka
    Hard Yakka Crew Sock - 5 Pack
    Special Price $17.99 Regular Price $19.99
  2. Munka 3 Pack
    Munka Work Sock - 3 Pack
    As low as $14.95
  3. Redback Foot Bed
    Redback Foot Bed
    As low as $16.99 Regular Price $19.99
  4. Diadora Laces 150cm 2 Pack
    Diadora Laces 150cm 2 Pack
    As low as $7.99
  5. dubbin waterproofing
    Dubbin Water Proofing
  6. Hard Yakka Golden Hawk Glove
    Hard yakka
    Hard Yakka Golden Hawk Glove
    As low as $25.49 Regular Price $29.99
  7. Tactical Gloves
    Special Forces
    Tactical Gloves
    As low as $29.99
  8. Day Safety Vest Orange
    Hardwear Clothing Australia
    Day Safety Vest Orange
    As low as $14.95
  9. Safety Sunglasses
    Safety Sunglasses
  10. Safety Helmet
    Safety Helmet
  11. Safety Ear Muffs
    Safety Ear Muff

11 Items

Aussie Disposals sell a vast range of clothing accessories. Whether you need socks, gloves, beanies, shoe laces, dubbin, hats, mosquito head nets, ponchos or any other outdoor accessories, Aussie Disposals is the place to find them. When travelling overseas ensuring you have the correct clothing accessories is important, such as foldable hats and bamboo socks may save you from blisters or sunburn. We also stock a huge range of hiking accessories all design to be lightweight so that it can be packed away taking up minimal space.

At Aussie Disposals we understand that you may have many different needs for outdoor accessories so we stock a large range all year long to be able to service the needs of our customers. If you have a hike or school camp coming up but are unsure as to what outdoor accessories you may need check out our great range of checklists online which will assist you in planning for your next adventure.