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2 Items

Army Torches & Lights

Camping and trekking outdoors at night or in low light conditions can be challenging and even risky. That’s why it’s important to have access to a reliable light with which to see ahead and around you, making it easier and less treacherous to walk. Make sure you have army torches at your disposal by shopping for one or more at Aussie Disposals. We’ve got a number of army-styled options in stock suitable for campers, hikers and those servicing in the cadets or army reserve. Whether you’re travelling somewhere after dark or with minimal sunlight, we’ve got the army and camping torches you need to maintain visibility and stay safe.


Complete Tasks in Low Light Conditions

Our LED torches in Australia are designed for those who serve in the army or spend significant time outdoors, especially when natural light is low or non-existent. We’ve got LED rechargeable torches that eliminate the need for removable lenses and come with four coloured bulbs. Whether you get the Angled Head torch in green or camo colours, you’ll be able to complete tasks and move around the immediate vicinity safely. All you need to power them is 2x AA batteries.


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When you shop at Aussie Disposals, you’ll discover a great range of high-quality torches for sale from Tactical Assault Systems. Visit our contact page and give us a call or send us a message if you have any sales enquiries.