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For security reasons, many nations around the world (including Australia and the United States) now destroy most of their military clothing. However, Aussie Disposals can source good military surplus clothing from leading brands such as Huss and Special Forces. Our stock constantly changes, but always includes a massive range of quality parkas, jumpers, shirts, coats, camo pants in Melbourne and much more. Whether you want an army camo jacket and army pants in Australia for outdoor trips or you’re simply collecting items, we’ve got you covered with an impressive range of Australian military clothing.


Why Aussie Disposals is the Country’s Leading Military Shop

Aussie Disposals is known for having the best range of genuine army clothing in Australia. Every item has been designed to look like the real thing for maximum authenticity, and most items are second hand so you know you’re getting bona fide military apparel when you explore our Australian camouflage clothing range.

Our selection of camouflage clothes for sale includes army cargo pants, shirts, jackets, shoes, and more. These pieces of memorabilia can make great additions to your wardrobe and personal collection. Our Australian army jacket, coat and shirt items are stylish and functional, keeping you warm while showing some vintage military flair.

Images of our camouflage pants in Australia and other items are only used for illustrative purposes. The colours and condition of military and Australian army camouflage items purchased online will vary. Please note: we will always do our best to send you the closest item to the image provided.


The Best Destination for Army Disposals, Military Surplus & More

We don’t just offer one or more components of an army uniform for sale. Our range of top quality military surplus gear extends to things like helmets, canteens and telescopes. Find everything you need all in one convenient place with help from our store. Whether you’re looking for army pants for sale or a full Australian army uniform for sale, we’ve got no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Browse our range of army clothes online or in-store at any of our shops around the country and place an order to get your new favourite piece of gear or clothing. Contact us today on (03) 9799 5777 or email us at for helpful advice.