Work Wear For The Toughest Of Jobs

When your job calls for special clothing, you want it to not only help keep you safe, but comfortable as well. At Aussie Disposals, we understand the massive need for comfortable work wear that meets the safety standards of most jobs which is why we proudly offer a wide selection. From casual wear like shorts, polos, and underwear, to more job specific gear like welding gloves, boots, and safety vests, we’re prepared to meet all of your needs.


Best of all, rather than having to pay an arm and a leg for a single pair of pants, all of our work wear is designed to combine both value and durability. Continue reading below to learn more about the various products we carry and how we can help you save on essential work wear.

Hard Yakka Essentials

The Hard Yakka brand is well known throughout Australia for the quality, toughness, and durability for all of their work wear products. No matter what your job throws at you, the Hard Yakka shorts and pants that we carry will meet it head on and look great while doing it.


Built with only the highest quality materials, whether working a construction site or doing mechanic work, you never have to worry about them ripping or tearing. Check out our selection of Hard Yakka work wear now to see why so many customers have made the change and will never go back.

Hi-Vis Safety Clothing

With safety being priority number one in the workplace, high visibility clothing is a must have, especially if you work in the evening hours. We carry a number of Hi-Vis products that are designed to keep you safe by making you incredibly visible both during the day and at night.


From vests and rain jackets to polos and casual shirts, it’s never been easier to stay visible on the job while also looking stylish. We even have fleece jackets to help keep you warm during the cold winter months when duty calls.

Tradie & Bisley

When your job requires quite a bit of moving around, you need work wear that’s going to flex rather than restrict movement. To handle this problem, we’ve procured an accommodating selection of Trade and Bisley products that are designed specifically for the hard worker.


Between pants, underwear, and even drill shirts, you can easily put together a comfortable, lightweight outfit that keeps you going all day long. As with all Tradie and Bisley products, you’re also getting an incredible amount of value for the level of quality.

Gloves, Headgear, and Boots

Keeping your hands properly protected while on the job is just as important as every other part of your outfit. At Aussie Disposals, our work wear gloves are designed to last long so you can focus on the work at hand instead of worrying about your next pair.


By that same token, we proudly carry Blundstone work boots to make sure you’re walking out the door in quality and style. Finally, you can’t forget about the importance of protective headgear. Whether working with power tools or anything else that creates a hazard, we have eye protection and hearing protection covered.