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Australia’s Best Sales On Sleeping Bags for Kids and Adults

Choosing the right sleeping bag is an important part of looking after your well-being while camping in the wilderness. Whether you are hiking, backpacking, camping with the family or staying away from home there is sure to be a bag to suit your needs. Aussie Disposals is proud to supply our customers with the premium Hi-Country brand of sleeping bags and camping gear. Hi-Country products have been designed by our team based on customer complaints about existing products and using the highest quality materials available. With a wide range of these impressive sleeping bags available you can always find the right ones to fit your family or camping group.

Choose the bags you need and get the prices you want

Kids sleeping bags are designed to be shorter and come with a tough outer fabric to prevent wear and tear. All hike and backpacking sleeping bags are made ultra-light, compact and are available in down and thermo-bonded fibres. Our most popular adult models, the swag bag linen-lined sleepers, can be combined with a double-zipper accessory to make a double sleeping bag for couples. Our Hi-Country sleeping bags are renowned for offering top quality comfort and resistance to the elements while not hurting your hip pocket. Come into a store and check out our vast range of sleeping bags. Our staff will explain the details of every bag and help you choose the right sleeping bag for your next outdoor adventure!

Get the same great deals on deluxe sleeping mats and other gear

We stock ¾ length, full length and full length deluxe mats. The deluxe mats are twice as thick as competing models, which also equates to them being twice as comfortable. Aussie Disposals also stock 4 x 4 self-inflating mats, designed more for camping rather than hiking. These self-inflating mats are 80mm thick and provide superior comfort; they are as close as you can have to your usual mattress when you’re camping in the bush.

But that’s not even all we carry for the tired camper. Aussie Disposals also stock a great range of camping stretchers, from budget stretchers to quick-fold and lightweight aluminium models. Aussie Disposals have a great range of bedding accessories including an extensive range of over 20 sleeping bags offering a huge range of options with specific temperatures and sizes for almost every use. Buy online or visit a store today to pick up yours.