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Buy Waterproof Bags in Australia

When outdoors, it’s important to make sure your gear and the bag you use to carry it is protected from the elements, including water. At Aussie Disposals, we understand that every adventurer has different requirements, which is why we have bags available in multiple sizes and styles. Whether you plan to cross creeks and rivers and need the right lightweight bag or you want to be prepared for rain and need a larger bag, our durable waterproof bags in Australia can keep your items dry and undamaged.


An Option for Every Adventure & Adventurer

We know that campers and hikers are on the lookout for a waterproof backpack in Australia that can withstand the country’s harsh terrain and weather conditions. We pride ourselves on having options that are suitable for every adventure and adventurer. Sourced from leading brands such as Caribee and 360 Degrees, you’re sure to find an appropriate solution. From a 1L dry sack that can fit into small corners through to a 90L water resistant backpack for Australia outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered. You can use these bags to store all your essential equipment and accessories, including water bottles, hydration bags, insulated bottles and even water purification devices from LifeStraw.


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Make Aussie Disposals your first choice next time you’re looking for a provider of quality dry bags in Australia. Locate your nearest store and visit in-person to see what we have for sale or, alternatively, browse and shop online. You can also give us a call on (03) 9799 5777 or message us online.