Wool vs. Polypropylene

Wool vs. Polypropylene

Are you looking for appropriate clothing for your next outdoor adventure? Many outdoor clothes are made from polypropylene or merino wool, but it might not be obvious what the best option is. What works best will depend on your specific situation, including the type of activities you intend to partake in, the conditions you expect to face, and how much you’re willing to spend. Both polypropylene and merino wool have their respective pros and cons which this blog will go over in more detail, helping you to make more informed decisions and ensure you’re properly clothed for your upcoming trip.


Polypropylene is an inexpensive option for thermal wear, making it suitable for general use and those with tighter budgets. Some people who perspire a lot actually prefer polypropylene over wool, as it allows your body to breathe more easily when engaging in physically exerting activities. These clothes provide a tight fit, are lightweight, and are best suited to winter conditions. They’re also very quick to dry and boast moderate durability, soil resistance and UV protection. On the downside, they have no odour control, which means they can get smelly faster than other options.

Merino Wool

Merino wool garments are generally considered superior to polypropylene clothing. On one hand, they can effectively regulate your body’s surface temperature regardless of the conditions. This means you can wear them in autumn and spring as well as winter. Clothes made from merino wool are also very long-lasting and boast excellent soil resistance and protection from UV rays. What’s more, they’re just as lightweight, but offer excellent odour control. That said, merino wool garments are generally costlier upfront, heavier when wet, and take longer to dry. Even so, people tend to report that the total freedom of movement and long-term value of wool more than makes up for the higher price point.

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