How to Choose and Use Your Pegs Correctly

How to Choose and Use Your Pegs Correctly

It’s important to choose and use your pegs correctly when setting up a tent for your outdoor camping trip. Tents come in many different shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to find the right type of pegs to suit the tent you have. This can be determined by various factors. Using angles is also important for securing your tent to the ground and ensuring maximum stability. In addition, extremely hard soil can make it difficult to use tent pegs properly, in which case it’s recommended to pre-drill holes for easier placement of pegs. This blog post contains further details about how to choose and use your tent pegs correctly.

Find a Tent Peg That Suits Your Tent

The best peg for your tent depends on a number of factors. The biggest factor is the size of the tent and how much pressure wind will exert on it, which helps you to determine the right peg weight and length. Other factors include the type of ground where the tent will be used and the holding strength of the pegs. In addition, the weather conditions you expect to encounter when the tent is in use can affect the wind load on the tent, which likewise has a bearing on the pegs you choose. For example, larger tents on firm ground with stones usually require heavy metal pegs.

Use Angles for Greater Holding Power

Setting up a tent on soft soil or sand means it’s easy to push a peg into the ground using just your hand or foot. However, the downside is that this type of soil has far less gripping and holding power. Simply pressing a peg straight into the ground won’t provide the stability needed to keep your tent secure, especially if the wind picks up. In these conditions, you should place the peg in at roughly 90 degrees from the direction of pull so that the tip angles towards the tent. This significantly reduces the risk of the pegs pulling out of the ground and causing the tent to collapse.

Pre-Drill Holes for Extremely Hard Soil

If you’re camping on ground as hard and compact as concrete, it can be almost impossible to insert pegs using your hand or boot. You can either pre-drill a hole in which the pegs can be placed or get drillable pegs that make setting up tents easier and less physically strenuous. While drillable pegs are more expensive, they’re significantly more convenient and can be inserted or removed in no time.

Ask Our Experts for More Advice Today

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