How to Choose the Right Down Jacket


Duck down is one the warmest natural fibres you can source, making it a popular choice for women’s and men’s outdoor jackets. Being super lightweight and compressible, down is great for packing, and it’s often a traveller’s most highly sought after essential item. Here are some key points to look out for when you’re looking to grab a down jacket.


A down jacket is one of the best jackets for warmth, as it provides a layer of protection and traps in your body heat, preventing the cold air from coming in. The warmth is measured by what is called “loft power”. Loft power is the “fluffiness” of the down in the product; this can also be call “fill power”. The higher the number of “loft”, the better quality the fill will be, resulting in better insulation. For example, the Blizzard Down Jacket is indicated to have 550 loft, making it one of the best men and women outdoor jackets. Click Here to check it out.

Waterproofing & Treatment

When wanting to keep your down jacket waterproof, the best option is to use Nikwax Down Proof Wash. This will coat your jacket in a waterproof solution, adding water-repellence, reviving insulation and allowing for breathability. This will also keep the down inside from getting wet and clumping in the bottom of the jacket.

Washing down jackets can be a tricky task. A lot of people can end up destroying their jackets by not washing them properly. Washing a down jacket normally in a washing machine and hanging it out just won’t do it, as you risk ruining the down and making it clump at the bottom of the jacket when hanging out to dry. The best option is to wash it in a special liquid known as a down wash; this effectively cleans the down while also restoring water repellence and maintaining the most important part, the down fill. Once the washing is finished, make sure to lie your jacket flat to dry.

Shape & Fit

When choosing a down jacket, you need to know it fits you well. Whether you’re specifically looking for women’s or men’s hiking jackets or you’re just after an everyday use jacket, knowing that it fits right is a main feature you should look for. There are a few differences when it comes to a fitted or standard down jacket. The fitted jacket is great for keeping as much heat in, whereas the standard fit is ideal for an everyday jacket where you want to put a few other layers underneath or on top.

Let The Down Choose You!

Down jackets can be the best adventure accessory on the market. Being so compact and lightweight, they’re so versatile and great for any activity. They can fit into almost any pack or be squashed down into their own little carry bag. Make sure to keep in mind the important points above when searching for your next jacket!