How to Season a Swag & Other Helpful Swag Tips

How to Season a Swag & Other Helpful Swag Tips

Swags are great options for campers who want a shelter from the elements that is easy to set up and pack away. However, new swags need to be waterproofed before you travel and set them up outdoors in order to stop water from leaking into the shelter. This process is called ‘seasoning’, and it involves watering down the canvas to seal up the tiny holes made by a needle during the manufacturing process. This isn’t very complicated and can be done at home, although it requires some patience and the following of specific steps. This blog post contains more details about how to season a swag as well as sharing other helpful swag tips.

Soak it with Water & Let it Dry

Canvas swags can be seasoned by soaking them with water using a garden hose. Use a low-pressure setting to drench the swag so that it absorbs the water without causing damage. You can also use a spray bottle to ensure all the stitching and other hard to reach spots are soaked. After the swag has been hosed, it needs to be left to dry so that the fabric expands around the stitching. This can be done by keeping it in direct sunlight or in a well-ventilated area. Alternatively, people who live in smaller and more confined units can soak their swags in a bathtub and dry them on balconies to get the same results. Following this, you should repeat the process once or twice more. You can also apply a seam sealer if some water still leaks through the seams.

Other Helpful Tips

Once a swag has been seasoned, it’s recommended that you pack it away somewhere safe. Don’t pack it away if it’s still damp, as this can cause mould to grow. In addition, you should store it somewhere away from sunlight to prevent fading, and away from insects or rodents that could cause damage. You should also take it out and inspect it occasionally to check for any issues and preserve its quality.

Another handy tip is not to season a swag with the mattress still in it. It’s also important to note that while some swags come pre-seasoned, it’s still worth following the process detailed above to ensure there’s no leakage before you go away and set your swag up.

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